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West Cessnock Medical Practice Services

Medical Checkups

The Clinical team at WCMP are available to discuss and advise on any issues relating to your health. Some of the regular services we provide are:
• Mental Health
• Immunisations
• Minor surgical procedures
• Skin cancer checks
• Sexual Health checks
• Counselling
• Weight control
• Nutrition advice
• Smoking cessation
• Age based Health Assessments

Children's Health

At WCMP all of our Doctor’s and nurses have extensive experience in Children’s Health. We are able to provide continued care to your children from birth through to adulthood with your mind at ease that they are receiving a high level of care. Some of these services may include.
• Baby checks
• Immunisations
• Monitoring of growth and development
• General medical problems

Women's Health

We have experienced GPs and nurses & Midwives’ to care for women throughout every stage of their life. Our clinical team are experienced in the following area’s of Woman’s Health
• Period management
• Contraception Including Mirena & Implanon
• Fertility
• Family planning
• Post Natal Care
• Pap smears
• Menopause
• Hormone Management

Minor Surgery

The Doctor’s at WCMP can perform minor surgery and have the assistance of our experienced Registered Nurses . The Main procedures’ performed are.
• Removal of suspicious skin lesions
• Draining abscesses
• Excision of cysts
• Insertion of IUDs (Mirena)
• Hormonal implants such as Implanon
• Iron Infusion
• Wedge Resection
• Venesection
• Removal of Foreign Bodies

Chronic Disease Management

Our Clinical team aim to provide as much care and resources to our patients with Chronic Diseases as possible some of our management of chronic diseases are.
• Team care arrangements
• Enhanced Primary Care Plan
• Regular appointments


Antenatal Care

We are privileged to have a Midwife as part of our team as well as also have a range of doctors who are able to offer advice and support for woman requiring Antenatal care Including:
• General Antenatal Check up’s
• Mental health during pregnancy
• Unplanned pregnancies
• Miscarriage management
• Subfertility


Men's Health

Unfortunately, many men neglect their health due to numerous outside factors including family social & work etc. We at WCMP take men’s health seriously & recommend regular at least yearly check up’s. We have both Male & Female doctors experienced across the range of men’s health including:
• Mental Health
• Prostate Check’s
• Cardiac Assessment’s
• Preventative Screening


Aboriginal Health

At WCMP we recognise that the health care needs of our ATSI patients can be different. Our clinical team are experienced In ATSI health and can provide comprehensive care to our ATSI patients including.
• Tailored Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Assessments
• Preventive investigations
• Additional Immunisations

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