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Dietary Services


Sonja Veyerman Dietitians have a vast range of knowledge and experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

We can provide you with nutrition education and individual dietary advice on the following topics:

Why book an appointment with Sonja Veyerman Dietitian?

Sonja specialises in assisting people who have a wide range of conditions including diabetes, cancer, coeliac disease and more (see below).
She helps athletes, and people wanting to both gain and lose weight. Through a personal nutrition assessment she can tailor education for each individual accounting for any nutrition related conditions.


Private Consultations Fees:

Initial Private Treatment


Subsequent Private Reviews


Worker's Compensation

All Medicare and DVA services within the clinic are bulk billed.
Home visits available.

Please contact Sonja on 0412 955 916

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Please Contact Sonja on 0412 955 916

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