At West Cessnock Medical Practice, we partner with our patients to help them navigate their own individual health journey throughout the years. Our experienced Doctors are available to offer professional medical advice, care and support for a range of health concerns and situations, from helping manage heavy periods right through to menopause.

There are many contraceptive options available for women, and we understand the importance of choosing the right option for you and your lifestyle. Our doctors will take the time needed to discuss your contraceptive needs and preferences to help you fully understand your options. Our surgery has doctors who are able to insert and remove the Implanon rod and also Mirena and copper IUDs.
As your life and circumstances change, we’ll be here with you to adjust your contraception and troubleshoot any potential issues if needed. Learn more.

The methods include:

  • male condom
  • female condom
  • contraceptive pills
  • vaginal ring
  • contraceptive implant
  • contraceptive injection
  • IUDs
  • diaphragm
  • emergency contraception
  • plus more



Pregnancy is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming time and we want to help make this journey as easy and stress free as possible for our patients. There is a lot you can do before you fall pregnant to make your pregnancy as safe and successful as possible for you and your baby. For this reason, we encourage anyone who is wanting to fall pregnant in the near future to begin by making an appointment with their GP.

Your GP will be able to assess you, the patient, and provide up-to-date advice that can help you have the best chance of having a healthy baby and pregnancy.

It’s best to make this appointment before ceasing contraception and if possible, several months before wanting to conceive so that we have time to address any issues that might arise. Even if you have had a baby before it is still important to make this appointment as there may have been new developments in medicine relating to the well-being of mothers and babies since your last birth, and we want to provide you with the best and most effective treatment available.Learn More


Unplanned Pregnancy

All of our doctors provide nondirective pregnancy counselling. What this means is that we will always ask you what you want first before proceeding with any advice around pregnancy and childbirth. We are able to support and refer women for specialised care who are not wanting to go ahead with their pregnancy. We also support and refer women who may have an unplanned pregnancy but wish to proceed with antenatal care. The choice is yours and we will always respect your right to choose with professional and supportive care for whichever option you select.



If you are concerned about your fertility or want to know more about your fertility options our GPs can help. We can assess and provide individual advice or refer you for specialist management if required. We support our patients regardless of their preferences or status; single, partnered, or any family type on their fertility journey.   Learn more


 Miscarriage Management

Unfortunately, not every pregnancy goes according to plan and when it doesn’t it can be a heartbreaking and confusing time. Our doctors can assess and provide support both physically and emotionally should you experience any problems during your pregnancy. We are able also to provide monitoring of your pregnancy and refer you for management through the Early Pregnancy Assessment Service at the John Hunter Hospital.



All of our doctors are experienced in looking after new mums to be and the post-natal journey, it’s one of our favourite things! We are able to support patients with planned or unplanned pregnancies, if your pregnancy is low risk, we offer shared antenatal care with the John Hunter, Maitland and Belmont Hospitals and can also provide referrals for private obstetric care.

We are always excited to provide antenatal care and welcome a new member to West Cessnock Medical Practice

The care offered to women in pregnancy has come a long way in recent years and there is a lot to talk about! This is why we need your first antenatal appointment to be a long appointment. After that, you will have 15-minute appointments.


After childbirth, new mums go through many physical and emotional changes while learning to care for their newborn, and our team at West Cessnock Medical Practice will be here to support you through every step of your new motherhood journey. The post-natal appointment is for a new mother at 6 weeks post-delivery. During this appointment we will check how you are doing physically and mentally after your birth 





Menopause is an individual experience for each woman. Having a GP who is there for you over the years and knows you well can give you the individualised support you need during this time. Our doctors can discuss the options for treating your menopausal symptoms, follow up and adjust them as the years go by.

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